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Fresh Red Dog Pieface: Thursday, October 03, 2002

Poem Beasts

The Relibeast (Religion)

The most ignorant beast of all

This creature is richly endowed.
Its almost total spiritual impoverishment
makes ignorant beasts look to it for invisible riches.
They are dogmastruck by its accumulative idols.

At least the display of natural magic
and other wealthy oddities are burned piously
and sent to Satan to put on more heat.
The poet doubts if Satan cooperates.
Other naughty animals are sent to the rack and ruin.
Thus Relibeast reigns as universal fear.
And laybeasts must fear holy free.

At St. Peter’s and other neo-colosseums
sadistic hysteria still outdraws blood-love.
This also holds true for any punk-rock-ball-wired
ticket gate.

Relibeasts have only one display virtue in common…
Their most terrifying opiate function is
promotion of heavens on demand.
Extreme unction is welcomed.


Compared to up-to-date Relibeasts
Nationalists, Communists, Capitalists, Socialists,
Televists, Mobilists or even Terrorists,
Savanarola’s singular devoutness
got him burned
though the poet doesn’t know if…
Savanarola had the pleasure of going to hell or not.
Through the eons, true holy ones, the artists
have created
religions artifacts by which the Plebeasts
were awed and controlled supposedly by dogma
really by universal love of beauty.

Conversion of the ‘heathen’ was made by those
that heard the call of ‘The Goddess’ qualities
as insecurity of power and wealth.
There were some literati drop-outs.
Wicked poets who unconsciously assumed
their own ‘godliness.’
Their misassumption, sometimes correct, more often
sailed over the edge of divinity.

The most powerful of the Relibeasts
desire sainthood.
Which offsets their being just hoods.
But most end up as oversize posters.


The principal enemy of Relibeasts
was an amateur bartender who defined himself,
turning water into wine.
In His name, AND, in his name only
any praying Relibeast
could be a comfortable criminal.
But a new name was needed.
So an alias was given to this despised rabbi
Jesus…CHRIST! Son of God damned eternally.
(Didn’t ‘He’ have any daughters?)
For Christ’s sake!
why can’t Relibeasts leave him alone.
He knew nothing about business.
Business was made in Heaven.
In fact, business made Heaven.

posted 7:06 PM

Fresh Red Dog Pieface: Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Poem Beasts

The Thanact (Act of Dying [Greek])

Thanatos (Gk) for dead

Paramount, jazzed wise
money covets pseudo-fright.
Grand opening.
High drama.
Final curtain.
No, a curtain beyond will see
sweet life cooked to sweeter sentiment.
Spotlighting the embarrassed corpse,
Oscar Faith Awards
crosses, crescent moons and stars
to divert attention of a life lived to death.
But a staged life’s scream
is bound to sound within silence
at Thanact’s off-cue approach.

Thanact is surprise.
The only horror is expecting.

Alone, the wise
welcome surprise.
Seed asymmetrical rise
from death’s clever guise.

posted 8:08 PM

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